We've licked our wounds and now it is time to, again, fight back.

I released the highly anticipated 12-page election integrity memo. Apparently, I still terrify Democrats and demagogues fighting to keep elections opaque.

This memo includes where the audits should take place and the scope of the probes we're looking for. We've even outlined and prioritized states (and some counties) where these efforts should take place.

We're not all talk. We have over a dozen legislative fixes that we're suggesting to our allies in the various state legislatures. This exceed the typical GOP voter reforms. Our proposals will create more predictable elections, punish bad actors, reign in runaway courts, and provide clarity for legal remedies when a fraudulent election occurs.

Stop the Steal's memo also connects the deplatforming issue to electoral politics, sets the board for the 2022 midterm elections, and argues why we should fight the falsehoods of January 6th.

The memo is in five sections.

  1. Audits and protests
  2. Legislative action and electors
  3. 2022 midterm elections
  4. Network effects and deplatforming
  5. Narrative over January 6th

You must print this memo out. Text a link and start a conversation with fellow patriots. Email blast a list of your associates. Then spread it around on social media. This was the secret sauce behind the Stop the Steal protests. It was our peer-to-peer movement, word of mouth.

I've been deplatformed so it is my sincere hope that you'll share the link to the memo several times on your social media channels of the next couple of weeks.

God bless you and may He save our country from the hell we're being pulled into by this dark order of freaks.

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