Few were earlier than me in warning back in January 2022 that this crisis would have a universal impact on the whole of the world. Thanks to my instructions, members of my "founders program" and thousands of viewers of my regular livestream avoided price gouging lines and supply chain failures.

Our work saved families and saved lives.

On the political front, we worked to pressure the White House to close travel to China. My friends and I were successful in backing up very few allies that counseled the president to trust his instincts and heed our advice.

Still, I confess that the globalists and Satan used my and others' influence to support the initial two week quarantine. People of reason, faith, and good will are always taken advantage of in catalytic world events planned by their ilk. And we, like President Trump I believe, were taken advantage of.

Very early, I pushed back against the administration calling it sinful to have churches closed for Easter services and sacraments. My commitment to my faith never took a backseat to the election or my prominence in the Republican Party.

I believe we unleashed the Gates of Hell onto earth then.

We suffered manufactured racial riots; the monopolization of monied corporations and banks in the largest transfer of wealth ever; an election was stolen from the people; and we got an injurious jab in an exercise of the Hegelian dialectic.

This appears to have all been planned between coup plotters in Hell and their temporal agents here on earth.

During the Spring of 2020, I had been a born again evangelical Christian for 20 years. Locked away in my home office, I began to attempt to reconcile what appeared to be the convergence of the spiritual and political.

Specifically, I wanted to learn more about Catholicism as I already had a grasp of my protestant doctrine and various interpretations of prophecy.

Working very closely with a scholar I trust, and in prayer and meditation, we began mapping out both contemporary and historical events; looking for nuggets of a multigenerational criminal conspiracy. He had a concentration on Catholic teachings and eschatology. I had a concentration on mapping out networks along political and financial interests.

We kept converging on the historical battles between the Church and a particular occult fraternity. Several times, we were guided by revelations that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit. One day, I hope to share more of this with all of you.

I shared some of the work publicly and kept much of it in private but in consultation with a group of strong believers, both evangelical and Catholic.

I, like most protestants, had misjudged the Catholics. Even just objectively speaking.

Nearly two years ago to this date, I encouraged other protestants to research the Catholic prophecy, Our Lady of Fatima. We talked about the unreleased secret of Fatima and speculated on why the Church has hidden and even obfuscated on this matter. More wonder and curiosity than assigning any maliciousness to it. Again and again, it was my most frequent plea and desire for everyone to study this amazing event.

The study pulled me closer to the Church and reprioritized doctrines in my own journey to walk as Jesus commanded and grow closer to Him.

Everything that has happened in the political, medical, social and cultural realms is more connected than it has been in several hundred years. There is much to tell you at a later date on all of this. If God grants us the time.

That brings us to the present day.

On the Ides of March, the declared Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis announced that he would consecrate Russia and the Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25th.

Needless to say, this sent shockwaves through my private network. My evangelical brothers and sisters have witnessed me forecast a lot of events that defy the math, but this one has many shook.

Admittedly, I'm shook too. Something is happening.

Questions rushed in like a flood. Is Francis one of the popes mentioned in the prophecy? Who is the authentic pope? What about Pope John Paul II's consecration of Russia wherein the USSR fell shortly thereafter? Is Sister Lucia's letter authentic? Depending on who Francis is or isn't, will the Devil be restrained or unbound?

The question that I was most concerned with was, would Francis call on the Bishops, worldwide, to participate? The Vatican's announcement made mention that "[t]he same act, on the same day, will be performed in Fatima by Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, papal almoner."

On March 16, I publicly asked this question about the bishops. It seemed unlikely as it wasn't mentioned in the original announcement.

However, reality is a series of unlikely events, isn't it?

We just got our answer this morning, the 18th of March. Francis has invited all Bishops to join him.

What will happen? I'm unsure.

I'm not in the business of guessing or needing certainty when it comes to acts or commands of God. I make forecasts (people often confuse this with guessing) based on theorized probabilities and attempt to study primary source material of any school of thought that I find interesting or evident.

If Sister Lucia's letter is not authentic, will this be the most precise fulfillment of the request of Our Lady of Fatima? If Sister Lucia's letter was authentic, it's believed this will just be a further blessing for grace that the whole world might enjoy.

Few are bothered by the inclusion of the Ukraine. This is a symptom of being ill from the diet of the consumption of repetitive falsehoods by corporate media disguised as "news." It really shows how the Enemy seeks to control our own understanding of our principles and our faith. This is the original of all sins.

I've described this process as INVERSION and teach on it regularly.

The Ukraine is arguably the birthplace of the Russian Empire. It was still Russia in 1917, when the miracle happened at Fatima. The parts in contention are Russian, the United Nations be damned.

This is all happening during the Lenten season. All of this may be easily dismissed by the militant atheist (agnostic person at war with God and/or their earthly parents) or the protestant. That's just not being objective. Even if you do not believe in the authenticity of the prophecies, an objective person would ask why these events are happening and what they mean for us all going forward.

For my part, I'm observing and calculating probabilities. I'm abstaining from secular music until March 26th and giving up other impurities. I am ready to be wrong about many things, including Francis. Daily, I pray for discernment and eyes to see clearly what is and what is not happening. I've also cautioned my friends to not travel from March 24th to March 26th as a precaution.

I refuse to be distracted by overly confident protestants, dismissive Catholics afraid to dive deeper into their faith and traditions, or retarded atheists. I refuse to deny that this spiritual battle is taking place both here and there. I want to be aware of the end without allowing it to diminish God's calling in the present.

There are signs and wonders for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

If there are errors or typos in this post, forgive me.

Christus Rex