Strap in for having your mind-blown. 🤯

Today, it was revealed that Hunter Biden used "Hunter02" for his password. He housed Clinton's phone number, Secret Service contacts and information for most of Obama's cabinet. This is on the same laptop he housed his sex, incest, and drug pictures.

This lines right up with a 16-year old meme. Yes, from 2004—when an incumbent Republican President was up against another bitter rival.

Watch Ali's shock.

As I'm sure our other team members could attest to, I couldn't even begin to tell you about all the synchronicities that happen near Ali or in this house. That'll be a conversation for after this election hopefully.

— Nick

Want to be more tripped out? Watch this scope for just 2 days ago where Ali claimed that everything we assume about this world is fake and that we only need faith to win.