There is a time when violence is necessary.

These true words are otherwise obvious in any time but our own where our language is actively being dismantled by illiberal liberals, militant scientists, and the misinforming corporate media.

Today, 245 years after the fact, we honor the commitment of conscience of those brave Americans, British colonists, to acknowledge that there is a reluctant time when violence is necessary.

These men signed their death warrants with their signatures on the Declaration of Independence. This so-called insurrection had poor odds but the moral obligation afforded to them as children of God. America’s founders were informed by history and contemporary game theory odds; by philosophy and politics; by theology and the social tolerances of their neighbors. When the king’s bureaucrats were no longer willing to fulfill the obligations of the government to provide Americans with Christian Liberty, patriots sought new governance. It wasn’t monarchy they protested but the deprivation of Liberty which is the obligation of every government to the people.

The Holy Book of Ecclesiastes affirms, “there is a time for war.”

But, this is not the time for violence. Our domestic war remains, as it should, cold. With political prisoners locked in solitary confinement, draconian politically-driven lockdowns, a judiciary that will not acknowledge sought after redresses, and unconstitutional uses of executive power, our domestic affairs are warming in a way that should bring no moral man pleasure.

Still, illegitimate violence is abhorrent to God Himself; legitimate violence, like the right of revolution of oppressed, moral people, is seen as good in His eyes.

No, this is not an obituary—not yet anyway—but an affirmation of our American Independence.

We are free.

Our independence cannot be litigated away by the State; it cannot be reduced to an inefficacious stasis by private corporations either. No judge has the power to interpret it away from us and no emergency can suspend our sacred inheritance.

Independence can never be an insurrection in a legitimate system and illegitimate systems must be reformed or abolished.

Our independence is endowed to us by God, the Creator of all things, not government.

We lend our government, these public servants, management over proper instructions of how to peacefully coexist domestically and defend our union from intrusion. We are not a people united by a federal bureaucracy but a collection of states uniting a variety of peoples.

We, the people, do not grant them any rights over our own independence itself.

We, the people of these United States, are independent. Come domestic enemies, foreign enemies or Hell itself—we intend to remain free and resist tyranny by any means necessary.

We desire peace. Hear our protest again: we desire peace. However, like those British Insurrectionists turned American Founders, if our resolve is tested, we will prudently lean on God’s Word to level the odds between the might of tyranny we oppose and our own moral obligations to actualize Liberty endowed to us.

Ali Alexander

Patriot, Christus Rex