I've been asked about my views about the coronavirus vaccines.

In summary, the experimental vaccines seem to protect those high risk individuals from the worst of a virus with a 98%+ survival rate. However, they don't reduce transmissibility in any way we define vaccines. There's no stopping the spread. This is more an inoculation than a vaccine.

Do you see the obvious problem here?

Vaccines are supposed to both prevent the virus from advanced symptoms or illness and also stop transmission. None of these experimental gen-1 non-vaccines do the latter. This means that universally mandating coronavirus vaccines won't eliminate the virus. It more or less looks like a business plan to boost booster shots because highly transmissible mutations will result from all of this.

There's also the ever-decreasing efficacy.

In my own recent research, I found three indicators where America was a lagging indicator; behind both Israel and the United Kingdom. The efficacy of the vaccines, the spread of the delta variant among the fully vaccinated, and the increasing makeup of the hospitalizations of the vaccinated all were represented in public data in other countries and still only barely acknowledged by the US. Officials have only had to acknowledge the source of this spread in order to renew mask mandates for the vaccinated. This comes weeks after Joe Biden said that this is a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" and called those Americans, "murders." What dark irony. There appears to be an intentional move by our bureaucrats not to collect certain data that contradicts political coronavirus policies. I hope to tackle possible criminal conspiracies, public policy failures, and moral hazard in a future post.

Scientists have never come up with a coronavirus vaccine after decades of trying.

None of Anthony Fauci's projections have been correct and his policy prescriptions have eluded any return to normalcy.

“Everybody is hoping that this can still be controlled, but the realistic chance that it can be controlled is low. So then what is going to happen is that this is going to spread worldwide,” said Florian Krammer, PhD, professor of microbiology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

What we know is that, by their own admission, the vaccines are rapidly decreasing in their effectiveness. Claims were high 90's; now it's looking like mid-60's to 70's. We know that the vaccinated are responsible for the latest so-called spike around the world. We know that the vaccinated are spreading the delta variant, a mutation that appears more transmissible than the main. We know that children never needed the vaccine and some children are dying, unnecessarily, after taking the vaccine. Remember, the dumb argument behind giving children the vaccine isn't to save their lives but to stop the transmission of the virus—which isn't happening. We know that the CDC didn't publish numbers showing that 15% of COVID-19 deaths by May were from the fully vaccinated. We know know that around that same time the CDC stopped maintain its database of vaccinated persons who contracted. Lastly, the data is strongly suggesting that the artificial antibodies wear off after 6 months; and we know, natural antibodies are more effective than artificial ones.

The results of what we've discussed here demands that this generation of coronavirus vaccines not be universally taken let alone mandated. Vaccine mandates and passports would not only be immoral but also unscientific. This also makes compulsory measures illegal.

Under no circumstances will I, a healthy, young individual, be taking any of these experimental coronavirus non-vaccines. I don't bemoan high risk individuals who decide to hedge their bets. I do question the wisdom of those, in categories similar to my own, who choose to get it because of propaganda and not math or science.  

Science should inform public policy but scientists should not dictate public policy. They got it wrong.