A week or two ago, The Washington Post and New York Times dropped companion stories about a new federal grand jury empaneled to investigate conservative election challenges. It was obvious that someone was up to something. Someone at the Department of Justice broke the law and leaked this story.

Shortly thereafter, both CNN and the Associated Press reached out to my attorneys to confirm the story and both asked to see a copy of the subpoena. See, in the Post story, they had unethically mentioned my name (and the name of one other) in passing to signal they knew I had been one of the recipients of the subpoenas spread throughout Trumpworld but not expressly said. Everyone could read between the not so discreet lines. Under my instruction, we declined to provide either statement or the subpoena to CNN or the AP.

When you've worked in strategic communications for Republican and conservative clientele as long as I have, this is the unmistakable pattern of the security state dropping news it wants to further an investigation. The Post and Times running two scoops from the same story within hours of each other, followed by calls from CNN and the AP? This was coordinated by a government official who has done this before. And they needed these four outlets, in particular, to frame up the story so it didn't get away from them.

While it's not unlawful for me to comment on this investigation, it's strongly discouraged. Commenting could led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional legal bills and threats—or actual—criminal charges.

Last Friday, the Times made clear they had proof that I had a subpoena and were going public. Did I want to provide a statement or have a story run without one?

After consultation with counsel, we provided a statement that established that I was not a target of this grand jury; I haven't been accused of any criminal wrongdoing; and that I was complying, as required by law, with their probe.

I also said, "I don't believe I have information that will be useful to them but I'm cooperating as best I can further reiterating that I'm not a target because I did nothing wrong." And concluded, "I did nothing wrong and I am not in possession of evidence that anyone else had plans to commit unlawful acts. I denounce anyone who planned to subvert my permitted event and the other permitted events of that day on Capitol grounds to stage any stupid LARP."

The New York Times ran this headline instead.

While the story only carries part of my statement (at the bottom part of the story), "'I did nothing wrong, and I am not in possession of evidence that anyone else had plans to commit unlawful acts,' his statement said."

Twitter left-wing trolls rejoiced! That was until they read my actual statement (which wasn't linked in the story). They've since returned to their usual bigoted hate of me.

Worse, some on the right fell for the Times and Deep State's attempt to cause division within Trumpworld. They want Trump terrified that someone is going to lie about him. They want those of us steadily going bankrupt to free undue pressure to revise our testimony and make up some story that fills in the blanks for some baseless conspiracy.

The worst part of being cancelled, and I am the most cancelled man in America, is not being able to respond to lies polluting the public square.

Not only am I worse for it but the public is too. There's less truth and those with power remain elusive when people of good will are focused on untrue conspiracies instead of the true criminal and spiritual conspiracies governing us.

Useful idiots on the right, clinging to a New York Times headline that sensationalizes my compliance with a subpoena, will empower the Deep State which planted these stories to give their political investigation more legs to hurt our election integrity movement and Trump's 2024 prospects.

Detractors and those with low discernment will ignore that I was subpoenaed instead of offering information. They'll ignore the fact that I wasn't offered a deal, both because I've done nothing wrong and I would never take a deal to bear false witness against another. They'll ignore the fact that in my public and private statements, I've said I don't have any evidence of criminal activity on anyone. This means I cannot be called as a witness because I'd be impeached by any competent defense team. They'll ignore the fact that I've fought hard for J6 defendants and my lawyers work with numerous other patriots. The spiritually dead cannot see or hear.

There will never be any evidence of me plotting violence or mayhem for January 6th. Likewise, there will never be any evidence of me bearing false witness in a political persecution of Donald J. Trump or our election integrity movement.

Because none exists and anything manufactured will be easily debunked.

I've got two new death threats, a pile of racist epithets, and legal bills that will soon bankrupt me. This is what it means to be deplatformed and cancelled. And while I feel sorry for myself, I feel worse about this increasingly uncivil crisis and how divorced from the truth it is.